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VaruMill product milling for chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This is no off-the-shelf-solution, but instead an individual solution for Your specific requirements. VaruMill connects conical and cylindrical arrangement of the grinders and rotors in an optimal way. Leading to the following advantages of the rubitec-system.

  • CIP-capable

  • GMP conformity

  • GMP conform energy transfer to technical room

  • Isolated and cooled actuation for applications in cleanrooms

  • Customizable In/Output support

  • No screws in product area

  • Application in Ex-area

  • floor, wall and ceiling mount

  • mobile and height adjustable

  • Swivelling between different production lines

  • Stackable between product containers

  • wet and dry use

  • gas-purged shaft seal

  • Maintnance of grinder and rotor without tools

  • Can be combined with Rubitec lift/tilt devices and Rubitec explosion decoupler





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