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In 1995 we started with developpment, design and production of demanding products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Since then our products are used to the full degree of contentment to our customers worldwide.



On 1 January 1988 rubitec was founded as a sole proprietorship. The company was converted into a public limited company on 1 January 1990. 

From the beginning Rubitec AG was active in the development and construction of sophisticated products for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. In 1995, when the construction of the company's own building was completed, the in-house production of our products was added and the management of the company was spread over several shoulders. The founder and managing director Christoph Rubitschung was able to win his two sons Basil and Aaron for the production areas "mechanical manufacturing" and "locksmithery" and his son Jonas for the area "marketing and support of the overall management". Rubitec AG is thus a solid, well-positioned family-owned company that places the customer at the centre and knows how to position itself excellently on the market with high-quality products. In particular the SmartDock developed and patented by us, which is very suitable for containment systems such as BigBag and barrel filling and emptying systems. This complies with the strictest guidelines and makes us the market leader in this field.


Today our products are used worldwide to the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Portrait Management rubitec ag, Father with sons, Basil, Christoph, Aaron and Jonas Rubitschung
rubitec ag company building
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